• thincnext® a company where many jobs here are technical which requires the best coding skills, UI designing and a better creativity.
  • Certainly if your grades reflect your coding ability then you can.

  • We only concentrate 5 attributes apart from your coding abilities.

    1. The first thing we look for is general cognitive ability i.e. ability to process on the fly, the ability to pool together bits of information.
    2. Should be a leader but should never take the lead if he/she knows that they are not fit for it and should happily willing to allow others to lead.
    3. To know all isn’t what we are looking for, what we want is a desire to know it all.
    4. You should be able to manage within limited resources (By saying limited resources we meant you should be able to pull out the task even with your limited knowledge)
    5. Here at thincnext® we encourage knowledge from every aspect of life

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